A trip to Africa is emotional. The experience will touch you so deeply your travels will become a part of you, and stay with you long after you return home.

Travel to Africa can be overwhelming. There is a lot to learn about and many decisions to make. A trip to Africa is a time and money commitment. Bainbridge Travel will help you with your research, and make sure we understand your interests and budget. The result will be a safari/cultural experience creatively tailored just for you.

A Bit Of Safari Life: A booming voice says “Good Morning, time to get up” and we pull back the mosquito netting and slide off our comfy mattress. A tray with a coffee press, cream and sweet biscuits await us on the deck and we sit on the rattan chairs and survey the scene in front of us: the sun is rising, some hippos are swimming in a lagoon, and impala are grazing in the grass beyond. An eagle swoops by as we finish our coffee in the tent, then we walk down a stone path to breakfast in the open-air restaurant. We greet our fellow group members and fruit and pastry are served, then 6 of us head out on a game drive to see lions, hyenas, wildebeests, warthogs, elephants, giraffe and kudu. After the 3 hour drive we return to a full brunch/lunch again served upon the deck. As we eat, elephants wander to the river directly in front of us to drink. We excitedly compare notes with other campers, and then return to our tents to write in our journals or make our way to the camp pool to bask in the sun prior to our afternoon game drive.

Each country and safari/cultural experience is different. The weather affects the animal’s migration routes and your experience. Our Africa specialists are enthusiastic about answering questions and helping pick the best destination for you.

South Africa

South Africa’s fascinating history is showcased in almost any excursion we recommend for you. Enjoy luxury and comfort in first class hotels and lodges, indulge in gastronomical delights, have dinner in the home of a local family, spend magical time in the ‘bush’ on safari. Visit Cape Town, go wine tasting, drive the Garden Route, South Africa’s paradise.

Excellent game viewing, including private reserves, is a part of the South African experience. Partaking in the perfect safari, learning tribal customs and admiring song and dance at a multi-ethnic African village are just a few of the activities we are able to include for you. There is so much more! Let us share this delightful country with you.


Botswana is a legendary destination within a small circle of safari enthusiasts. You will delight in the exceptional time you spend along the Okavango, the largest inland delta in the world. All Botswana life revolves around this body of water. The wildlife reserves are well-managed, and you will be treated to a highly personalized safari experience. Safari vehicles are generally open air. When on safari in Botswana, you can almost feel like you are alone in primeval Africa. Transportation between camps is usually by small bush plane, an opportunity to view game from above! The camps are all secluded and surprisingly elegant, with amenities equal to a luxury hotel. You’ve never camped like this before!

Namibia africa2

Namibia is a country of extremes. The Namib Desert is extremely arid and the Skeleton Coast, with elephants among the sand dunes, is surreal. You may float along the Okavango Delta in Namibia and your accommodations may include safari cottages, tented camps and castles. Namibia is now opening up for safari travel ~ be one of the first to go!


Victoria Falls is like seeing the Grand Canyon for the first time. The Zambian side of the Falls has a few incredibly luxurious hotels where zebra graze around the swimming pools and monkeys play in the gardens. A trip to Zambia can include a float down the Zambezi River (watch out for the hippos!), a private walking safari, a helicopter ride over Victoria Falls, and a game drive through South Luangwa National Park, home to one of the greatest concentrations of wildlife in the world. Zambia is organized for tourism, and accommodations include fine luxury homes, exclusive game lodges, and comfortable camps.


The reality of a Tanzanian adventure is a life changing experience. What does the name “Serengeti” mean to you? That National Geographic special was interesting to watch, but nothing can compare to the real experience. Tanzania is a democratic country and it is considered one of the safest in Africa. The people are welcoming and this is the place for a real cultural village visit or an encounter with the Masai. The great wildlife regions of Tanzania include Manyara, Tarangire, the Ngorongoro Crater (we call it the Garden of Eden), and the famous Serengeti. Another excursion includes visiting the Selous Reserve, where Mahale is home to many of Africa’s last remaining wild chimpanzees. There is also Mt. Kilimanjaro to climb — what a country!


Nairobi is home to the Karen Blixen Museum and Giraffe Center. A stay at the world renowned Mount Kenya Safari Club can include a visit to an animal orphanage and an excursion to Samburu, with horseback riding, golf, fishing and hiking as other options. Sweetwaters Camp gives you both day and night game drives, often spotting chimpanzees. Kenya was the first country in Africa to open to tourists and safaris and they do it right!

And we haven’t even mentioned –

Uganda and Rwanda and gorilla trekking, the Blue Train from Cape Town to Pretoria, scuba diving, bungee jumping, hot air ballooning, spa treatments, Zanzibar, the Seychelle Islands, Mozambique. We will show you the unusual and pinpoint activities and places you probably have never imagined. Give our African travel experts a call or stop in to visit anytime.