Asia and South Pacific


The Asian continent is almost too enormous to comprehend and too diverse to call a destination. Defining the borders is difficult. Asian cultures are known for their hospitality and friendly regions. The landscaping is breathtaking and the people are very welcoming and generous.

Travel options to Asia vary widely. Your dollar can go a long way.  Airfares really vary and we know where to go to beat airline and internet rates. Your safety and health is most important to us and we are full of suggestions for you. Whether you are returning to the surprising kingdom of Thailand for the 5th time or yearning to investigate Vietnam with its pristine beaches and incredible beauty, give us a call. We will save you money and time and in the process present you with countless options. We’ll surprise you with our knowledge!

The South Pacific


The South Pacific is a vast part of the globe where the Pacific Ocean connects many nations. The regions are generally defined as Melanesia, Micronesia, Polynesia and Australasia. That’s a lot of territory.

We are always on a quest for the best airfares, and Asia and the South Pacific are complex areas to piece together an itinerary. Some of us are experts in logistical travel, and we enjoy using our talents to help you. Whether you would like to compare cruise ships in Tahiti or make a choice between Ayers Rock and Tasmania, give us a try. We look forward to posting some thought-provoking itineraries on this page in the near future.