France – Collioure



In summer, Collioure is a busy but low-key beach resort, mostly populated by French holidaymakers – families, couples, locals. We always have a car when we visit, but it often sits unused for days on end as we succumb to the rhythm of hike-to-the-chateau-on-the-hill / breakfast / beach / shop / lunch / nap / beach / walk-thru-town / dinner/sleep. The most serious decisions are choosing a beach and choosing a place to eat. You can get away from it all and still immerse yourself in the local culture.
Collioure is:

  1. Five beaches (four sandy, one rocky) in restricted, pedestrian-only areas.
  2. Dozens of restaurants, from take-away to Michelin-starred – the cuisine, like the language, is a blend of French and Catalan. (Paella and quiche.)
  3. A beachfront hotel and several hotels just steps from the water.
  4. Self-catering apartments.
  5. Street entertainment at night.
  6. Shopping opportunities you’ll find nowhere else, and a twice-weekly outdoor market selling just about anything you might want.
  7. Daytrips to Spain (Costa Brava beach towns, Cadaques, Figueres, even Barcelona), Cathar castles, the Pyrenees, Ceret, Carcassonne.
  8. Views that inspired Picasso, Dali, Matisse, Chagall and still inspire dozens of other artists who have studios and sidewalk stalls in Collioure.

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